Download and play torrents
with free online torrent web player and downloader

Just paste the magnet link or open the torrent file and start downloading or watching torrent content safely and anonymously through your web browser. Works instantly without client and registration!

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Chrome Extension

Install extension for Google Chrome and Webtor will open all downloaded torrents and magnet-links in a new tab.

🎉 Subtitles

Webtor automatically loads all available subtitles from OpenSubtitles.org for your preffered language. All subtitles are available under player's CC button.

Instant streaming

You don't have to wait while the whole file loads. Webtor will start streaming from the first byte. You don't have to think where to download torrents and spend your hard drive space anymore.

On-the-fly transcoding

Webtor automatically converts audio and video to the desired playback format suitable for your browser. Webtor supports video in AVI and MKV formats and lossless FLAC audio.

Download everything as ZIP-archive

Webtor easily converts your torrent to ZIP-archive on-the-fly preserving original directory structure. Don't need full torrent? Just go to the required folder and push "Download as ZIP-archive" there!

🚀 Place the webtor-player on your site

With the SDK you can provide your users with the ability to watch torrent-videos online on your website. Popular videos are cached and converted to various formats for optimal playback on mobile devices!
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to turn on my VPN when using Webtor? Will my ISP see what I'm downloading?

For an ISP, using Webtor is no different from using any other site such as YouTube or Google. All information between the user and Webtor is transmitted only over the secure HTTPS protocol, which excludes the possibility of interception. The user's IP address is not broadcast to the BitTorrent network, since downloads from the BitTorrent network are only handled by Webtor servers. Thus, the use of Webtor is anonymous and safe without any additional measures.

Can I remove ads when using Webtor?

In order to remove ads, you just need to start helping the project. In addition to removing ads, you will also be able to get faster loading speed and a heart icon in the interface!

Can I use Webtor on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! You can use Webtor to download and stream torrents on any mobile device, without having to install separate apps.